Customer FAQS

Is this shirt suitable for holiday wear?
Yes! It’s flowy enough to not be constricting but flattering at the same time. Very lightweight, and can be worn with dress slacks, a skirt, or jeans
By Nelly G. on May 11, 2021
I would think so. Its very dressy.
By Jackie on May 11, 2021
Will this cover my belly?
Absolutely! This shirt is comfortable and flattering.
By People S. on May 12, 2021
Does this cover the stomach area?
My stomach area is my problem area. This style is very complimentary and concealing. It also flows nicely over the arms.
By Kathy Fox on May 14, 2021
The inner lining comes below the stomach area but not the Georgette Outer fabric. Inner is CLINGY as it fits snugly but is very flexible.
By Ann B. Rodgers on May 15, 2021
The overlay does mostly, but the under portion of it does. I order shirts like this for that reason.
By Kindle Customer on May 14, 2021
5'5" 150 lbs what size?
It's more about your measurements than your H/W. I used the size chart for my order and it fit the way I like it to fit.
By A Page in Parker on May 16, 2020
Hi, we recommend ordering the large size with you.
By Laksmi on May 18, 2020
Is it suitable for summer?
I love the material, very flowy and comfortable for hot weather.
By Edward M. on May 12, 2021