Customer FAQs

Does it shrink when you put it in the dryer after washing?
I try to line dry this top but I have accidentally put it in the dryer a couple times and it didn’t shrink at all. This type of material may be damaged with repeated heat drying and lose its shape so I’d recommend line dry when possible.
By didewaele on April 22, 2021
I wore and washed mine one time and I didn't notice any shrinkage. You will be happy with your purchase.
By Kennedy B. on April 22, 2021
I have washed and dried mine in the machine twice. So far, It washed well and did not shrink.they have held up well.
By Hedy P. on April 22, 2021
Is this shirt soft like how a regular t shirt feels? Does it dry fast?
It is as soft as a performance fabric shirt can be and very lightweight, so it does dry within a reasonable amount of time.
By Edward M. on May 30, 2021
Is it long enough to cover your butt?
Really long enough to cover your butt. Because it's long, it might be good for yoga.I love the shirt. It's high quality and colors are flattering.I own 3 of them.
By Lisa W. on May 29, 2021
Yes, you can loosen the ties on the sides to lower it.
By jmcbeath on May 29, 2021
Does this shirt need to be ironed after washing?
I take them out of the dryer when it stops and no ironing is needed. I have also let them air dry on hangers and they do well.
By Aaron A. on May 30, 2021
No it was fine after I washed & dried it.
By Susan Gray on May 31, 2021
What size would be best for a 5" 120 lbs?
I ordered medium and am 5' 4 ,wear a 36C and anywhere between 148 and 158 depending on what I have eaten for the past few days. I like clothing loose myself.
By Gustave L. on April 22, 2021
small. Fit perfect! I’m 5’0 feet, 120 pounds. This soft and hide your belly, it’s not too long and not too short.
By Eudora Mark on April 22, 2021
I bought the large. I’m 5’4” 38D.I weigh 125.Wish it came in more variety of colors as I’d buy several.
By King P. on April 22, 2021
Does the shirt keep you dry during a workout (keep the sweat off your body)?
Kinda, yeah. I wipe the sweat off with the shirt then it dries quickly. But t doesn't absorb like a sponge the way cotton does. It really does keep me cooler when I'm biking though! I'll swear by them. What I mean is, you're going to sweat; you can wipe your face off with the shirt tail just fine. What makes this fabric so great is that it dries in no time, unlike cotton. Hope this helps!P.S. I just worked out tonight and love it all over again! I wipe my face with the shirt tail or the sleeves and I sop up under-bra sweat and back sweat with the body of the shirt. It absorbs it off my body then evaporates in minutes! 
By Sophia W. on May 30, 2021